Award-winning Transmedia Artist fusing comics, films, music, and tech.

International Martial Arts Champion, Coach, and Action Choreographer.

Serial Entrepreneur.
More Than Just a House.
About Jan
Jan Lucanus is an artist, entrepreneur, athlete, and executive that collaborates with leading minds across industries & disciplines.  At 20, he founded of the Transmedia production company, Creative Impulse ® Entertainment, through which Jan channels his work as a writer, director, producer, musical artist, development executive, and consultant. Together with his team, their award-winning films, videos, and animations have reached 110M+ viewers, their record-setting comics have 500K+ readers, and their multi-genre music collective has 3M+ song plays. Jan has consulted for major brands and campaigns with Universal Music Group, AMC, McDonald's, SayDesign & more, and has spoken at Steiner Studios, Comic Con, NYU & more.

An NYU Tisch Film/TV alumnus, Jan was raised in New York City by a family of martial artists with a father who wrote comic books.  Hence, Jan created the most downloaded martial arts comic series, "JFH: Justice For Hire".  Jan grew up behind the scenes at Marvel, DC, Valiant, and Defiant Comics, spent a lot of time with video games (even programmed some at Columbia University), studied John Woo movies like a hawk (which led him to New York Film Academy), became a semi-pro fighter under renowned Beijing Sanshou coach Li Ti Liang, and was recruited for the U.S. Tai Chi Push Hands Team by chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin (Josh's teachings on the human learning process became the foundation for Jan's Transmedia Trifecta Ecosystem, which he is currently sharing in lectures). 

Jan's experiences give him unique insights into the creative and logistical processes involved with bringing products (whether people or things) to market, making cultural impact, and indentifying the subtle pain points between talent, executives, and stakeholders that can hinder innovation.  Jan maintains a theme of integration, and consistency of thought, word, and deed.

Creator of the most downloaded martial arts comic book series, "JFH: Justice For Hire", as well as the award-winning Weapon Camera Movement™ fight choreography system, Jan's personal artistic goal is to make music-driven action films based on comics and leverage technology to allow dynamic audience participation in the filmmaking process.